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James Stallcup Sr.

James Stallcup Jr.

GRAYBOY consultants maintain numerous licenses and certifications that represent individual achievement in various areas of the electrical industry and because of their recognized knowledge and willingness to serve and help better the industry, GRAYBOY sponsors their service on numerous local and national code related committees.​​​​​​​​​​​

Corporate and industrial clients, associations, government entities, and attorneys have sought the expertise of each of GRAYBOY's consultants and confirm the professionalism and knowledge that is exhibited in each instance. It has been ruled in court by a Federal Judge that Consultant, James Stallcup, Sr. has been designated as an National Electrical Code and OSHA expert as well as being designated as having the qualifications to be classified as a Safety Engineer. We encourage you to test our knowledge of the National Electrical Code, OSHA regulations, and other codes and standards

We welcome the opportunity to serve you and your consulting needs. For more information, call Beckey Stallcup, Director at 817-581-2206.​​

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