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James Stallcup, Sr.   &   James Stallcup, Jr.

Number of Pages: 312

NFPA 70B, Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment Maintenance, wasdeveloped because of the high number of electrical accidents that have been attributed to the lack of maintenance on various types of electrical equipment found in commercial and industrial locations. Proper maintenance of electrical equipment, when not performed regularly, will not only cause a possible high monetary loss of equipment and property, but can present a danger to personnel in the form of a serious injury or a possible fatality.

As with all codes and standards, implementation and correlation of preventive maintenance techniques can represent a challenge to the personnel charged with maintaining electrical systems and equipment in the commercial or industrial environment. In Stallcup’s Electrical Equipment Maintenance Simplified, these recommended procedures and general guidelines are discussed and presented in a formatted arrangement so that application of the standard can be achieved.

The following topics are specifically addressed:

 (1) Designing Techniques of Product Standards (where applicable)
 (2) Installation per NEC and NESC Requirements
 (3) Maintenance Recommendations per NFPA 70B
 (4) Use of Instruction Specifications per Manufacturer (where applicable)

The authors would like to point out that the most important Chapters and Sections of NFPA 70B that cover requirements that are essential to the safe operation of electrical equipment have been selected for this book. If these recommended procedures are performed by maintenance personnel, electrical systems and equipment can be relied upon to operate and perform for a long period of time.

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Chapter 1: Substations
Chapter 2: Switchgear Assemblies
Chapter 3: Auxiliary Equipment
Chapter 4: Power and Distribution Transformers
Chapter 5: Air Circuit Breakers - Medium Voltage
Chapter 6: Molded-Case Circuit Breakers in Power Panels
Chapter 7: Fuses
Chapter 8: Protective Relays
Chapter 9: Rotating Equipment
Chapter 10: Motor Control Equipment
Chapter 11: Power Cables
Chapter 12: Low-Voltage Cable Trays and Busways
Chapter 13: Electronic Equipment and Power Quality
Chapter 14: Grounding
Chapter 15: Maintenance of Electrical Equipment Subject to Long Intervals Between Shutdowns
Chapter 16: Lighting
Chapter 17: Wiring Devices
Chapter 18: Portable Electrical Tools and Equipment