Upon completion of the apprenticeship program of the JATC in Fort Worth, Texas, James Stallcup went on to become a journeyman and master electrician. Soon after, he became an electrical inspector and within one year he was chosen to become the Chief Electrical Inspector of Fort Worth, Texas. Through determination and continued study  on the numerous codes and standards that were essential to his work as an electrical inspector, he became a nationally recognized author, instructor, and consultant   As Past President of the Electrical Section of NFPA,  Former Chairman of Code Making Panels 14 and 15, and Present Chairman of the EECA Committee (Electrical Equipment in Chemical Atmospheres)  and a principal member of the 70E Committee (Electrical Safety Requirements for Employee Workplaces),  James G. Stallcup has not only earned a reputation as a knowledgeable and respected authority in the electrical industry but has gained prominence as a internationally known consultant to private enterprise and industry. 
The workshops that Mr. Stallcup has conducted and the instruction materials that he's authored over the last two decades precede his reputation.  James  is the author of over twenty  books that are highly regarded by his peers and is a frequent contributor to trade journals and magazines. Because of his knowledge, practical experience and an ability to tailor workshops and seminars to the varied fields in the electrical industry, he is in constant demand.  He maintains a number of licenses and certifications and has received numerous awards from his peers in the electrical industry.