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James Stallcup, Sr.   &   James Stallcup, Jr.

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Obtaining a journeyman electrician license has been the springboard for numerous careers in the electrical industry. Most electrical contractors, electrical inspectors, apprenticeship instructors, authors, and consultants began as journeyman electricians. 
Nearly all persons who work in the electrical industry as construction electricians consider themselves journeyman electricians. However, only those electricians who have taken and passed a recognized journeyman electrician license examination truly can be called a journeyman electrician. 

Stallcup’s® Journeyman Electrician's Study Guide is designed not only for instructors who are preparing apprentice students to take the ultimate test for obtaining a journeyman electrician license, but also for those apprentices and electrical workers in the trade who have taken the test, have failed, and must now resort to self-study. 

This book will tell you exactly what to study by presenting in full every type of question you will get on the actual test. After testing yourself, you may find that you are weak in a particular area. Once you know what subjects you are weak in, you should concentrate on improving your skills by using the specific exercise problems in this book that apply to you. Even if your study time is very limited, you should become familiar with the type of examination you will be given as well as practice your skills in analyzing and answering questions involving reasoning, judgement, comparison, and evaluation. This kind of selective study yields maximum test results. Above all, remember – understanding what you read is an important part of your ability to learn and is a crucial part of most tests. The answers to all of the problems and questions in the book are found in the Answer Key, which is sold separately.


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1.
Electrical Theory 

Chapter 2.
Direct Current (DC) Circuits

Chapter 3.
Alternating Current (AC) Circuits

Chapter 4.
Applying Formulas

Chapter 5.
Applying the National Electrical Code

Chapter 6.
Wiring Methods

Chapter 7.
Conductor Ampacities

Chapter 8.
Overcurrent Protection Devices.

Chapter 9.
Residential Calculations

Chapter 10.
Commercial Calculations

Chapter 11.
Diagrams and Elements

Chapter 12.
Questions and Problems.


Calculation Tips

Calculation Forms
Topic Index