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James Stallcup, Sr.   &   James Stallcup, Jr.

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The rules and regulations in Part I of OSHA High-Voltage Electrical Regulations Simplified, addresses the work practices to be used during the operation and maintenance of electric power generation, transmission, and distribution installations. 

A comprehensive approach is discussed pertaining to control of the hazards involved for the safety of personnel working near or on such hazards. 

To protect personnel from the unique hazards encountered while working on high-voltage systems and associated equipment, the appropriate electrical protective equipment is recommended to ensure such protection. 

The rules and regulations outlined (when applied) will significantly reduce the number of fatalities and injuries involving electrical contact, flash burns, and thermal burns as well as other accidents which otherwise would be uncontrolled. 

Employer and employees must learn the requirements of Part I which contains Subpart R of OSHA 1910.269. They must implement such rules to provide safety when performing maintenance on high-voltage electrical installations.

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(1) Electrical Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution -
OSHA 1910.269(a) 
(2) Medical Services and First-Aid - OSHA 1910.269(b); (c) 
(3) Hazardous Energy Control (Lockout/Tagout) Procedures -
OSHA 1910.269(d) 
(4) Enclosed Spaces -
OSHA 1910.269(e) and (f) 
(5) Personal Protective Equipment - OSHA 1910.269(g); (h) 
(6) Hand and Portable Power Tools - OSHA 1910.269(i); (j) 
(7) Material Handling and Storage - OSHA 1910.269(k); (l) 
(8) Deenergizing Lines and Equipment For Employee Protection -
OSHA 1910.269(m); (n) 
(9) Testing and Test Facilities -
OSHA 1910.269(o) 
(10) Mechanical Equipment -
OSHA 1910.269(p) 
(11) Overhead Lines -
OSHA 1910.269(q) 
(12) Line-Clearance Tree-Trimming Operations -
OSHA 1910.269(r) 
(13) Communication Facilities -
OSHA 1910.269(s) 
(14) Underground Electrical Installations - OSHA 1910.269(t) 
(15) Substations -
OSHA 1910.269(u) 
(16) Power Generation -
OSHA 1910.269(v) 
(17) Special Conditions -
OSHA 1910.269(w) 
(18) Definitions -
OSHA 1910.269(x)